The High Cost Of A Paleo Diet?

People often tell me that they cannot afford to eat a paleo diet. Let’s take a look at a simple comparison.

Meal Comparison

Dinner for a family of 3

 Family 1                                              Family 2

1 Double Cheeseburger Meal -$6.95    Free Range Chicken – $15.00

1 Grilled Chicken Salad – $4.99              Kale – $2.00

1  Chicken Sandwich Meal- $5.99         Broiled Tomatoes – $1.50

Total – $17.93                                                   Total – $18.50

Family #1 saved .57 cents by eating fast food (a monthly savings of $17.10) or did they?

Lets take a closer look. With the bones from the chicken family #2 makes chicken stock. A high quality boxed or canned organic chicken stock will run $3.00 – $5.00.  Family #1 has the option to perhaps make a small kite out of the fast food bag but most likely it will get eaten and the paper will be thrown in the trash.This puts family #2 ahead on their shopping dollar.

Additional monetary factors that should be noted are medical costs. Eating a standard industrialized diet WILL eventually result in medical problems. It’s simply cheaper to be healthy than sick. Then of course there are more additional factors. Study after study has shown that fit people earn more on average than overweight people. Could it cost you a raise or promotion? The numbers say yes. Is it more expensive to eat a paleo diet? I think not.

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