Fight Gone Bad – Louisiana Style

Yesterday crossfitters around the country participated in Fight Gone Bad. In south Louisiana, Lance and Erin King, owners of Red Stick Crossfit put on an event to be remembered. Set Louisiana Memorial Park in the shadow of the U.S.S. Kidd, it was a fitting location for this charity event.

Crossfitters from all over Louisiana and Texas put in their 17 minutes of hell to raise money for three worthwhile charities including games competitor Aja Barto who put 440 on the board.

Aja Barto with Alex Norris

Lance and Erin brought this event from thirty participants last year to over 200 this year and included a color guard ceremony, weightlifting demo by Gayle Hatch’s crew including Kendrick Farris, gift presentation to a wounded veteran and lot’s more! 

Kendrick J. Farris

Lance and his fellow firemen even went the extra mile, performing the brutal workout in fireman’s gear with weight vests, My hat’s off to you Lance. It was a hot one out there!

This event was a huge success involving charity, community and competition. Knowing Lance and Erin, it will only be bigger and better next year! 

Crossfit Lafayette Team

Fight Gone Bad 6


On September 17th, thousands of CrossFitters will be enduring 17 minutes of pure grit and dedication in honor of those who have sacrificed their whole lives to service. I’ll be there. Please check out my page and support my 17 minutes! Pass it on.

Benefiting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to the U.S. Armed Forces special operations community, which includes:

  • Army Special Forces (Green Berets),
  • Army 75th Ranger Regiment,
  • The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment,
  • Navy Small Boat Teams,
  • Navy SEALs,
  • Air Force Combat Controllers,
  • Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and
  • Marine Corps special operations personnel.

There are two major aspects to the Foundation’s mission:

  1. If you are serving in the U.S. military special operations community, and you lose your life in an operational mission or training accident, the Warrior Foundation will provide a full college education to your surviving children.
  2. If you are severely wounded while deployed, the Warrior Foundation will provide immediate financial assistance and support to ensure your loved ones can be at your bedside during your recovery.

While the Foundation has bestowed college scholarships since 1980, they began providing financial support to wounded special operators in 2005.

Although there are other charitable organizations that give financial aid to wounded personnel and their families, SOWF saw a need for immediate financial assistance. Therefore, the Foundation provides $2,000 in cash to families of special operations personnel hospitalized with severe wounds; which the recipient(s) may use for travel, child care, food and lodging.

Community (or Meeting Up With Friends to Partake of Mutual Suffering in Unbearable Heat)

Tonight while in Dallas,Texas on business, I met up with Jake (Compete Every Day), Cesa (Fight Through) and Jaimie (Body By Crossfit & Paleo) at Crossfit Strong for a workout. We did an AMRAP of deadlifts, games push ups and box jumps in 111 degree heat and then grabbed some paleo grub.

Thanks to Crossfit Strong for having us. If you haven’t yet checked out Jaimie’s blog, make sure you do so. She travels all over the country and has visited more boxes than anyone else I know. If you’re not yet donning Compete Every Day and Fight Through shirts…then go now and order yourself one, two or all of them. They are made by crossfitters for crossfitters (unlike some others who claim to be) and are top notch gear.


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