Exploring My True Nature – A MovNat Experience

I spent this past weekend at a  MovNat workshop in Covington, Louisiana. It was taught by Clifton Harski and we were joined by Jen Sinkler, Senior Fitness Editor of Experience Life Magazine who has been covering MovNat. Look for an article from her in December issue.


Jen Sinkler works on precision jumping

I have been interested in MovNat for some time now. I had the opportunity to meet Erwan Le Corre, the founder of MovNat a year ago but have not had the opportunity to train with the group. Until this weekend, I had been watching videos and playing in the park. It’s amazing what a weekend can do.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Einstein

The work shop reminded me of this quote by Einstein. From a movement perspective, we are way off track as a modern civilization. We lose touch with the abilities that we have as children. Most try to get in shape by running on treadmills or performing curls. We sit in desks all day. We have become zoo humans , incapable of moving properly and trying to use the same things that got us in this boat to get us out. In order to fix us we must look to nature, to the basic fundamentals of our movement. 

Clif ran us though drills to rediscover those movements, including standing, sitting, crawling, rolling, running, balancing, climbing, lifting and throwing. MovNat is is all about proper efficient movement. It enables you to teach your body to do the things it was designed to do.

Adam showing off his skills

 For two days, people of different athletic backgrounds and ability levels worked side by side and saw marked improvement in our skills. You need a good combination of strength, balance, mobility and agility to perform all the tasks well. MovNat is truly functional fitness.

Clifton Harski shows us how to climb a tree

We all went home with the tools that we need to free us from the zoo. We made new friends, ate good food and learned some things about ourselves and what we are capable of. In my opinion, everyone should go and do this.

Wendy and Liz catwalking on a fence

Thanks to Liz Bragdon and crew at Our Place Studio in Covington, Louisiana for putting this weekend together.

Me learning climbing on a bar


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