WELL FED – A Review

A few weeks ago, WELL FED by Melissa Joulwan was released just in time to put under the tree. There has been no shortage of paleo books and cookbooks this year.  Why should you buy this one?

1. This cookbook has no “paleo cheats”. WELL FED is full of what you should be eating to optimize yonr health (Perfect for those New Year’s Resolutions). 

2. Melissa has included a variety of  flavors including Greek, Indian, Thai, Moroccan and French.  For the novice cook she has made interchanging flavors to add variety to dishes easy. For the experienced cook you will appreciate the use of seasonings and find endless options.

3.  The food in this book is damn good!

4.  It’s well written, well organized and interesting .

I bought this as a present for my wife and it has really excited her about paleo cooking again. She made the paleo pad Thai and it was amazing! I rarely follow recipes in cookbooks but rather use them for inspiration. The recipes in WELL FED are so good that we will cook our way through the book as well as find inspiration for new dishes.  Melissa, my hat’s off to you. WELL FED is the best paleo cookbook that I’ve encountered. 

I picked up my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield last week. The introduction tells you a story that, if you’ve been around the paleo/primal community for a while, you’ve heard a thousand times and one that you hope to hear a million more. The story of people discovering the ancestral diet and how it changed their lives is one I never tire of. I’m sure it’s not the intro that you want to hear about right? It’s the food!

This cookbook is full of recipes that are sure to satisfy the cravings of every paleo foodie. Right off the bat my wife made the biscuits. They are very light and in fact by far the best paleo approved biscuit that I’ve ever put in my mouth. Of course, we had to make the fried chicken to go along with those biscuits. I’ve not had fried chicken in about two years. It really was a treat!

The book is filled with southern classics such as pot roast, meatballs, pulled pork, meat loaf and “grits”. It’s also chock full of comfort foods from other regions such as lengua tacos….yes, that’s right, tacos complete with tortillas! The tortillas alone are reason to go out and buy this cookbook. They also have braised rabbit, coq au vin and a country curry.

I’ve obviously not cooked all of the recipes, but have gone through the book and as a damn good cook I have to say that Charles and Julie have done and outstanding job with the food in this book. I might take issue with the Alabama gumbo, crawfish ettoufee and jambalaya because it’s doesn’t follow the traditional cajun guidelines but food is about ideas and creativity. If people didn’t take them and make them their own, the food world would be an awfully boring place. If the rest of the food is any indicator, I’m sure that they are fine dishes.

This book comes at the perfect time of year, a time when the weather turns cooler and comfort foods and family gatherings are on our mind. It’s well written and visually inspiring.  Do I think you need another cookbook?  I mean you’ve got the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, Elana’s Pantry and  Everyday Paleo right?  Simply put, you would need to get your head examined if you like food and don’t buy this cookbook.


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