Why We Love Zombies!

Millions of people are drawn to zombie / apocalyptic movies and T.V. series. Many have food storage and bug out bags.  CNBC had the head of a company that specializes in providing customers with supplies for disasters and end of civilization scenarios on this week. Did you find yourself wanting to watch the movie 2012 and the series Zombie Land? So why are we as civilized human beings so interested in the end of civilization as we know it? Is it fear? I think not.


Disclaimer-I have NO psychology degree, have done no scientific research other than pondering this over a quad espresso.


So here is my uneducated guess (not even a hypothesis) on the subject. I think that we live in an unnatural state, as do many in the paleo subculture. The end of civilization would allow us to get back to hunting, surviving and living naturally….even if it is hunting zombies (not natural). It would bring us back to a hunter – gatherer culture. I firmly believe that it is this primal desire that has us so captivated with the end of civilization. That’s my two cents worth of primal psychology. One more question – When the zombies come…will you be ready?

Envision Success!

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

- Marcus Aurelius

Athletes have been doing it for years….mentally envisioning the win, the lift or the movements. It works both in athletics and in life. Envision who you want to be, where you want to be and how you want your life to be in general. Remember – Victory loves preparation!

Do you want to do a muscle up? Learn a new language? Own a successful company? Prepare for it by doing the work as well as picturing yourself accomplishing your goal every day.

1. I’ve discussed taking 10 minutes a day to sit alone with your thoughts. This is a great time to envision your dreams and goals.

2. Before you walk into the gym or practice, envision what you hope to accomplish that day.

3. Talk about your goals and dreams with someone. This makes the thoughts real to you and others.

Spend 30 days trying this out and let me know what it did for you!


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