Fast Food!

Getting Back Outside – Part 3

Matt balances on a suspended log.

Thanksgiving morning , my partner in crime Matt is with me…. We intend to do sprints with sandbags….when we stumble upon an obstacle course! After a MovNat style workout there we were inspired and set off to find new obstacles which in included – bleachers, stairs, fences and hills.

Obstacle Course

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Great Christmas Cards From Cave Girl Cafe

Looking for the perfect Christmas cards to send out this year? If you’re a paleo devotee then Cave Girl Cafe has just the thing. Check out these cards as well as their year round note card offerings. They also roast artisan, sustainably sourced coffee weekly and ship it out fresh!


Turkeys roaming free and foraging at Gotreaux Farms – Scott, LA

The Weight Vest

The Weight Vest….don’t have one? You might think about putting it on your Christmas list. Here’s why –

1) Lifting Heavy Things Shreds Fat!
2) Once You’ve Lost Weight, A Vest Can Help You Get Your Heart Rate Where You Need It To Be
3) It’s Excellent To Throw On For Your Workouts From Time To Time…Not Only Will It Help Your Conditioning But It Will Remind You That You Don’t Want An Extra 20 – 80 Pounds On You!

A Week In The Life Of Paleo Eating – Day 4

For the first time since I began eating paleo, I went through McDonald’s drive through. I was on the road and had not grabbed breakfast. I got two egg mcmuffins and only ate the egg and canadian bacon. My stomach is still not right…..


Buffalo Jerkey!

Dinner -My fiance's paleo chicken pie and sauteed brussel sprouts

A Week In The Life Of Paleo Eating – Day 3

Day three was an intermittent fast. It was not planned, I just got busy. It’s one of the beauties of eating this way. I don’t get cranky or have a loss of energy like I would on a grain based diet. Dinner was at Pamplona, where we feasted on grass fed beef, morcilla w/ quail egg and grilled veggies!


morcilla with quail egg

A Week In The Life Of Paleo Eating – Day 2

Breakfast -Local Farm Eggs, Avocado, Smoked Salmon

Lunch was skipped today…which is no problem on the when you eat Paleo!

Dinner - Roasted Root Veggies and Local Free Range Chicken!

A Week In The Life Of Paleo Eating – Day 1

Breakfast - Farm Fresh Eggs, Buffalo Sausage and Berries

Mid Day Espresso on the Go!

Lunch was leftovers from Sunday - Flank steak slow cooked with onions, tomato, mushrooms and spices

Dinner - Wild Sockeye Salmon, Local Heirloom Eggplant and Kale.