Guest Post – “Why I Crossfit” by Nestor Perez

Nestor and I after a WOD @ Crossfit Lafayette

Why do I CrossFit?

Quite simply because I can’t not crossfit.  I have been at this for 11 months and I have gained stamina, strength, flexibility…in essense, I am fitter than I have been since I walked out of Parris Island on that April morning in 1992.  I have never been short on self confidence, but while I have always been proud of many of my accomplishements, getting in better shape than I have ever been, at 38, has me stoked.  My wife and kids have noticed my improvements which are noticeable in every aspect of my life.  I crossfit because I am healthier, stronger, and more balanced than ever.  I have an addictive personality, and I am glad that Crossfit has filled my need for a new addiction….hence, I can’t not crossfit.

Nestor Perez

Nestor Perez and I attended Riverside Military Academy together. He is a United States Marine, Proud Husband and Father, World Traveler. Nestor works out at Crossfit Vida in Miami Florida.

Great Sandbag Routine

Envision Success!

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

– Marcus Aurelius

Athletes have been doing it for years….mentally envisioning the win, the lift or the movements. It works both in athletics and in life. Envision who you want to be, where you want to be and how you want your life to be in general. Remember – Victory loves preparation!

Do you want to do a muscle up? Learn a new language? Own a successful company? Prepare for it by doing the work as well as picturing yourself accomplishing your goal every day.

1. I’ve discussed taking 10 minutes a day to sit alone with your thoughts. This is a great time to envision your dreams and goals.

2. Before you walk into the gym or practice, envision what you hope to accomplish that day.

3. Talk about your goals and dreams with someone. This makes the thoughts real to you and others.

Spend 30 days trying this out and let me know what it did for you!

Snow Day !

Everyone Should Have To Kill Their Meal At Least Once…

It is my belief  that all meat eaters should have to hunt and kill an animal at least once. Most people have forgotten where there meat come from, strolling down an isle of meat at the supermarket completely disconnected with the fact that those animals had to die. It’s just become a part of modern life.

As a meat eater, I try not to forget where my meat came from. I try to use everything that I kill or purchase, making stock with the bones (and often dog treats, depending upon the animal).  Hunter Gatherers used every part of the animal for food, tools, clothing, etc. Food is simply harder to come by if you have to go out and hunt it, therefore you tend not to waste it. Use all of what you buy. It’s respectful and will save you money.

If you’ve seen  the movie Avatar,  you’ll remember the respect that the natives had for the animals that they killed. This was true with many cultures on our planet up until our recent disconnection with the food supply. If you’ve ever killed your food up close, then you are acutely aware that you are taking a life in order to eat. This tends to change your perspective if you have regard for other living things. It makes you think twice about cooking more than you can eat and throwing away a fridge full of leftovers at the end of the week. Going out to the farm to pick up an animal you once saw living is one thing but killing it yourself is another. If you have access to hunting (I define Hunting as – Skillful tracking and acquisition of an elusive target for purposes of food. Not putting feeders and cameras out), I highly recommend that you get out at least once and take advantage of it. It will give you a new perspective and reconnect you with your food supply.