Watered Down

Recent years has seen the return of REAL gyms, Crossfit and otherwise. While this makes me very happy, the burst in popularity comes with some negatives. I train at Crossfit Lafayette and love it. I also travel and have been fortunate to enjoy the community aspect of Crossfit at some great boxes around the country.

However, as more and more boxes open up, eventually the training in some of those boxes will get watered down as people with marginal experience begin to train others. This creates a chain reaction as some of their clients open up boxes themselves. I’ve seen this happen in martial arts. Most of the McDojo’s  have people teaching things that they don’t understand and surely can’t perform.

So if you are new to Crossfit, do your homework, like any other purchase. There are lot’s of great boxes out there with highly skilled athletes that can teach you a lot. Make sure that you are training at one of them.

Raising The Bar

You’ve most likely experienced one or more of those moments when you accomplish something, be it a faster Fran time, record deadlift, a unassisted pull up, handstand or that first muscle up. It’s the result of hard work and well earned. But don’t celebrate too long. You’ve now raised the bar and can see yourself in a different light. Others expect more of you. Some will look up to you. You know that you are capable of more. Hold yourself to a higher standard when you train. Set goals for what you want to will accomplish next. You’ve raised the bar. Now hold it up and push higher.