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Flank Steak Salad

This is a quick and easy meal packed with flavor and nutrition!

You’ll need the items below in portions suitable for the size of your family –

Flank Steak

Tony Chacheres Seasoning or favorite seasoning


Fresh Asparagus (bottoms cut off)


Shelled Toasted Pecans

Homemade Olive Oil Vinaigrette (Not the store bought stuff. It’s full of garbage that you don’t want to put in your body!)

Season and grill flank steak as desired ( I prefer medium rare ). Let it rest for about 6 minutes or more while you prepare the remainder of the salad. Grill or pan saute asparagus, cut apple into slices. place in large salad bowl over spinach, add desired vinaigrette and toss. Slice rested flank steak (cut steak in half or smaller, turn pieces and cut meat against the grain) and place over salad, drizzle with additional vinaigrette and top with pecans. Let you family serve themselves and enjoy!

Paleo Concepts Workshop – Lafayette, LA – July 16


Paleo Concepts


The Paleo Concepts Workshop will teach you everything that you need to go Paleo. You’ll learn the science behind the paleo diet, what to eat and I’ll clear up misconceptions and common mistakes that people often make when going paleo. You’ll take home a comprehensive guide to help you along your journey.

-Improve Body Composition

-Have More Energy

-Reduce Inflammation

-Improve Your Health

-Change Your Life


“Mike has deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of Paleo nutrition. Not only has he made Paleo nutrition part of his lifestyle, he can help you make it part of yours.”-Travis Schefcik, Founder of Uncommon Wellness, Level I Crossfit Trainer



“Mike is one of the few area experts on paleo nutrition.” – Dr. Satin Perez – Back To Basic Wellness

“Mike’s knowledge has been paramount in attaining my body composition goals.” – Matthew Lesko – Chief Instructor, CQC Unlimited

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My Thoughts On CrossFit South Central Regionals

I attended the Crossfit South Central Regionals this past weekend in Tomball, TX. Two thing really caught my attention- 

The Athletes

They endured brutal workouts in 108 degree heat. Not only did they endure them, they reached down deep inside themselves and pulled out more than they knew they had. My hat goes off to everyone who participated.

The Community
One thing unique about an event such as this is that it is attended by people who are athletes, not just armchair quarterbacks but people who get out there on a daily basis and give it everything that they have. Mutual suffering strengthens bonds. Everyone was friendly, including those competing….because we are all ONE community. There was no need to worry about your belongings because this community has honor. There were many small businesses on hand displaying quality and innovative goods like RogueFitness, CompeteEveryDay, Life As Rx and SicFit. All in all, it was a testament to what the human race can and should be both mentally and physically.

Best of Luck to Wesley Sun Chee Fore, The Crossfit Lafayette Team and to all of the athletes competing this weekend at Crossfit South Central Regionals!

Great Video!

“BREATHE” from Paul Schneider on Vimeo.