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A Year Ago I Went Paleo…

Before Paleo/Crossfit

A year later

A year ago today I picked up a copy of The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I stayed up all night and read the whole book. I went all in the next day. I began to see immediate results and read everything that I could on the paleo/primal diet and lifestyle.

I had  been at Crossfit Lafayette for one month. When I walked in I was unable to do ONE pullup unassisted. The idea of a ring row seemed impossible to me. I had to stop from time to time on workouts with 400 meter runs. Like many people, I was overweight and out of shape (despite completing P90X and Insanity before beginning Crossfit as well as being a martial arts instructor for many years). Along the way I discovered other forms of functional fitness that I’ve added in (Such as MovNat). Today I can do things that I never before thought I was physically capable of. The combination of proper diet, exercise and sleep/stress management has changed my life and the lives many of those around me. I look forward to what the next year of this lifestyle brings…

Back to School Paleo Lunch Ideas

Many of you have children going back to school and nutrition is a concern as the majority of school lunches are comprised of processed foods and sugar. Your best bet is to have them bring a lunch. Not allowed at their school? Get a doctors note ( You may already have a physician that knows the virtues of a paleolithic diet. If not then check out

With the great variety of inexpensive, insulated food carriers available these days, keeping paleo leftovers from spoiling before lunchtime is a breeze.

This makes planning lunches even easier since the food is already prepared. Simply put it in a locking Tupperware container (kids tend to drop and throw stuff around) and place it in the lunch tote. You might also put a different spin on last nights meal by packing some lettuce pieces to make wraps or by adding last nights meat to a salad.

“But my child is too cool to carry a lunch tote.”

Keeping individual sealed packs of cooked chicken legs, thighs, meatloaf, turkey legs or roast is a great way around this. I’ve found that they defrost just in time for lunch and keep everything else in the bag cool in the process.

All in all, it’s really pretty easy to send your kids to school with real nutritious food. Keeping them educated about nutrition also helps them make good choices when you’re not around. Remember, in school there will inevitably be times when your child eats non paleo food items. don’t stress. Remember the 80/20 rule and they should be just fine.

Monday Meal Idea for the Road Warrior

Carne Asada, Grilled Vegetables, Coconut Water & Mineral Water

A great alternative to eating at a restaurant when traveling is stopping by a grocery store and picking up dinner. Stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market always have good quality options but most local stores carry rotiserie chicken and have salad bars. You might find this a refreshing change from restaurant dinning if you travel frequently like I do.


I often hear about other’s diets. Some are drinking meal replacement shakes, some are taking a “magic pill” and some are eating specific diets. Those specific diets range from things like eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and a salad for dinner to eating mail ordered prepackaged meals.

I believe that everyone should ask themselves  the following questions about their “diet” –

1. Is it sustainable? Can you eat like this forever?

2. If the answer is YES ,  what are the long term effects?

3. If the answer is NO, what happens when you stop?

I challenge everyone to ask themselves these questions about their dietary habits. Some of you will be very pleased. You are eating real, quality food and enjoying it along with good results. Others will realize that they are not on a sustainable path or on one that will not make them a healthy person.

Meal Replacement Shakes

1. Deprive you of the pleasure of eating. Eating should be pleasurable!

2. There is NO scientific reason that a meal in liquid form will help you lose weight.

3. Often are loaded with things that you don’t want to put into your body.

4. By nature are highly processed.

Weight Loss Pills

1. Most are over the counter and claim to be a “break through”. Let me assure you that if it really were a miracle that big pharma would be selling it to you at a very high price.

2. Harsh cleansers that are very popular strip the gut of vital bacteria.

Prepackaged Weight Loss Meals

1. Unless they are local prepared meals for convenience then odds are that they are not real quality food. There is a reason they can stay fresh in a box.

These are some things to consider when looking at your diet. They are great reasons not to ingest this stuff but also reasons that these diets are ultimately doomed to fail. It’s no secret that I advocate a paleolithic diet of fresh, quality meats, vegetables,fruits,  nuts, seeds, no added sugar and no grains or legumes. Perhaps, if you find your diet unsustainable, you should too.

Fight Gone Bad 6


On September 17th, thousands of CrossFitters will be enduring 17 minutes of pure grit and dedication in honor of those who have sacrificed their whole lives to service. I’ll be there. Please check out my page and support my 17 minutes! Pass it on.

Benefiting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to the U.S. Armed Forces special operations community, which includes:

  • Army Special Forces (Green Berets),
  • Army 75th Ranger Regiment,
  • The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment,
  • Navy Small Boat Teams,
  • Navy SEALs,
  • Air Force Combat Controllers,
  • Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and
  • Marine Corps special operations personnel.

There are two major aspects to the Foundation’s mission:

  1. If you are serving in the U.S. military special operations community, and you lose your life in an operational mission or training accident, the Warrior Foundation will provide a full college education to your surviving children.
  2. If you are severely wounded while deployed, the Warrior Foundation will provide immediate financial assistance and support to ensure your loved ones can be at your bedside during your recovery.

While the Foundation has bestowed college scholarships since 1980, they began providing financial support to wounded special operators in 2005.

Although there are other charitable organizations that give financial aid to wounded personnel and their families, SOWF saw a need for immediate financial assistance. Therefore, the Foundation provides $2,000 in cash to families of special operations personnel hospitalized with severe wounds; which the recipient(s) may use for travel, child care, food and lodging.

Congrats To Last Weeks Paleo Challenge Winner!

Dave from Lafayette, LA recently went paleo and says – “I feel better and have more energy.” and “Once I went shopping it was really easy to switch.”

Congrats on winning that kick ass “Hard Core Carnivore” shirt from the folks at Fight Through. Jealous of Dave’s new shirt? Grab one at !

Pacing The Cage

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau

Look around…..are you a zoo human? This term, coined by Erwan Le Corre describes many people these days. Stuck inside a an office or cubicle all day with unnatural lighting, only to head to a globo gym after work to jump on a machine and grind away aimlessly like a hamster.

What’s the difference?

Is this you? You may have never given it a second thought. It’s time to make a change…starting today. I’m not telling you to quit your job and go live in the woods. A few simple modifications will greatly improve your quality of life. Let’s start with a few small steps.

1. If you work inside, go outside for lunch and if possible your break.

2. If you sit behind a desk, get up and walk around every hour.

3. Instead of heading to that globo gym, bar or sofa after work try something new – Go to the park for a walk, get outside and play with your children or find a tai chi class outside. Soak up some sun, step outside your cage and rediscover what the outside world is like.

4. After you’ve done that, read the rest of my blog and put into effect some long term lifestyle changes.

Community (or Meeting Up With Friends to Partake of Mutual Suffering in Unbearable Heat)

Tonight while in Dallas,Texas on business, I met up with Jake (Compete Every Day), Cesa (Fight Through) and Jaimie (Body By Crossfit & Paleo) at Crossfit Strong for a workout. We did an AMRAP of deadlifts, games push ups and box jumps in 111 degree heat and then grabbed some paleo grub.

Thanks to Crossfit Strong for having us. If you haven’t yet checked out Jaimie’s blog, make sure you do so. She travels all over the country and has visited more boxes than anyone else I know. If you’re not yet donning Compete Every Day and Fight Through shirts…then go now and order yourself one, two or all of them. They are made by crossfitters for crossfitters (unlike some others who claim to be) and are top notch gear.

Back To Functional

The 2011 Crossfit Games included many functional movments such as the farmer’s carry and softball throw. These events brought out advocates from both sides of what is becoming a clear divide among crossfitters. Many wanted to see only “crossfit workouts” ie – muscle ups, kettlebell swings, olympic lifts, rowing and running. Others wanted to see a broad spectrum of tests. I fall into the second cattagory. While I believe that the standard crossfit workouts are essential to building a better more functional athlete, I also believe in diversity. I believe that in order to be the fittest on the planet that you must be able to swim, cross terrain carring heavy objects and throw objects (a primal form of hunting). I like to see things like medicine ball throw and chase, atlas balls,  slosh pipes and sand bags sprinkled into training. My hopes are that the games have brought some of this back into focus and as a community we will see more of this diverse training. It will make us well rounded . It will make us stronger. It will make us better.