Some Thoughts On Training

“I don’t need fancy, expensive training clothes. I’m not at the gym to win best dressed. I do appreciate a good crossfit t shirt though.”

“The only person I have to prove something to is myself.”

“We must rest to get better. It takes balls to rest.”

“I’m capable of much more than I ever imagined. The human body is an amazing machine.”

“Clean up after yourself. This is good practice outside the gym as well.”

“I like loud agressive music when I train.”

“Vary your training but keep your eyes on your goals. If you want to get better at something you must practice it.”

“There is always someone better than me. I should learn from them.”

“There is always someone worse than me at something. I should help them if I can.”

“Be opportunistic. There are many great methods out there. Take advantage of what you have access to and learn from it. Bring it into your training.”

Holiday Gift Guide


Here are some books on paleo food, training and mental health that you can’t go wrong with. Improving someone’s life is always a great gift!


The performance Menu from Catalyst Athletics is an indispensable source for the functional fitness/strength enthusiast. This online magazine is perfect for the ipad user or someone concerned about their environmental footprint.

Experience Life Magazine is available is both digital and hard copy versions. This magazine marches to the beat of a different drummer. If you have someone on your list who wants to keep up with REAL exercise, nutrition and life interests this is the magazine for them.

Functional Fitness

You may recognize this item from last years list. There’s a reason. This is the best sandbag on the market. I carry it in my car when I travel and use it extensivly at home and with my combatives students. If you know someone who travels or works out at home, this is the ultimate sandbag.

The Pegboard. We had one in the wrestling room in high school. Have a crossfit box owner or home crossfitter on your list. This is sure to be something that they don’t have and will thanks you for, just not while they are doing it. You can find them at or if your are handy, build one.

Looking to give an experience? Check out for a list of workshops. I’ve attended one and highly recommend the experience.


“We Are All Competitors” Shirt from Compete Every Day. Be sure to check out their other top notch apparel as well!

It was hard to pick one tshirt from Nom Nom Paleo. This is only one of her witty designs. Check them out at

Beastmodal Domains is not only a great blog but they put out some great shirts. Above: Here’s one for the female athlete on your list. Below: Even though Reebok Crossfit Corporate has gone designer on their apparel you can still get one of the old standards at

There are lots of great gifts out there. These are only a few. You may also consider a crossfit gift certificate, nutrition workshop or massage. Happy shopping and happy holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Ideas & Recipes

Need paleo sides? Try wrapping green beans or asparagus in bacon and broiling. Finish it with some lemon juice and you’ve got a quick tasty side. Mashed garlic cauliflower, roasted beets or sauteed brussel sprouts are other great ideas.

Want a recipe to follow? Have you checked out Paleo Comfort Foods stuffing recipe? How about the list of recipes that Nom Nom Paleo has put together? The list includes – pumpkin pie and roasted kobucha squash!

Holiday Eating Survival Guide

The holidays are here and many will use this time of year as an excuse to fall off the wagon. There’s no need to backtrack the progress that you’ve made this year only to find yourself repenting when the new year rolls around. Here’s how you can eat, drink and be merry this holiday season without blowing it.

The Big Dinners 

On the table will be meats like turkey, ham and roast. Eat all of this that you want. Offer to bring a side dish such as sweet potato or butternut squash casserole.  Make it paleo but don’t make a big deal out of it. If you don’t tell them it’s “special” then they won’t treat it as such. I’ll be featuring more side options tomorrow and Wednesday. Avoid the usual – rolls, pie, cake and dishes laden with sugar and bread crumbs. If you are putting on the big dinner then you have control. Use it.

Holiday Parties

Treat these like any other party. There is often a protein option. If there are no good options then you can avoid being rude just saying that you attended a party earlier where you just ate.


There is a way to drink responsibly during the holidays. Want to learn how to drink smart? Read Martin Berkhan’s – “The Truth About Alcohol, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth.”

Temptation will be placed in front of you more often than not this season. Treat it as business as usual and you can enjoy the holidays and stay healthy. If there are a few things that you MUST have then make sure to follow the 80/20 rule and you’ll be fine.

In The Spirit Of Competition

This Saturday athletes from area crossfit boxes gathered at Ragin’ Crossfit to compete in the First Annual Ragin’ Crossfit Games. As with all Crossfit competitions that I’ve attended, the sense of community was strong. Friends from different boxes visited, competed with and cheered for each other. Athletes gave everything they had and inspired those who were not competing. I’ll bet you see some new PR’s next week among those observing. Here are some scenes from the competition. 

David makes the 70lb kettlebell look easy

Future Competitior!

Judges Count The Reps

Jay Grinds Out Another Rep

Prowler Push

Food Porn Friday

Here is a recipe of mine that Whole 9 featured as a breakfast option last year. It’s an excellent option for a Thanksgiving side. Check out the recipe below –

Making Sense Of Barefoot

I see many people even in the functional fitness community that are not sold on the barefoot concept. It’s a testament to the marketing power of the big shoe companies. You need your padding right? The argument has been made time after time about the biomechanics of the foot and how “proper” running will eliminate the jarring shock of heel strike running. So I’ll not go there. The other day when the temperature dropped, I had a revelation.

I’ll bet that we some point in your life you’ve worn a pair of gloves. I’ll also be that you noticed that they limit your dexterity, feedback and generally make doing things awkward. Try walking barefoot in the grass and then slip on a pair of bulky athletic shoes. There is a big difference right? Ask yourself what would happen if you work gloves that bulky. I think we can all agree that you would severely handicap your hands abilities. Now if you wouldn’t wear big bulky gloves on your hands then why would you wear them on your feet? Think of how much you are limiting yourself.

Unchain Your Feet

Barefoot shoes are a great improvement. I wear them myself. Most gyms are not fond of people running around barefoot and with some of the debris that may be littered about, it makes sense to have some protection just like it makes sense to protect your hands from the bitter cold. That being said, true barefoot will give you the ultimate feedback and allow your body to work like the fine machine that it has evolved into. Give it a try. Life is better barefoot.

Sound Mind In Sound Body

MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO – Sound Mind In Sound Body

This is the motto at Riverside Military Academy. It’s where I attended high school and it’s where a great part of who I am was forged. Business brought me back to North Georgia last week and I had the opportunity to drop by and help with wrestling practice.

The visit reminded me what the school strives to produce in young men and how their motto is perhaps the most concise statement of what we should all strive for – A sound mind in a sound body.

Sound Mind

1. Remove Stress

2. Exercise Your Mind (Read, Learn, Think)

3. Get Proper Sleep

4. Have A Close Connection With Family, Friends and Loved Ones

Sound Body

1. Train Functionally

2. Don’t Over Train

3.  Fuel Your Body Properly Through An Ancestral Diet

4. Practice Mobility (Yoga, Mobility WOD, ETC)


It’s a motto that I’ll think about more now in my training and in my life. I encourage you to adopt it too. Ask yourself in your training, eating, learning, and life…is this helping me accomplish a sound mind in a sound body?

Food Porn Friday