Holiday Gift Guide


Here are some books on paleo food, training and mental health that you can’t go wrong with. Improving someone’s life is always a great gift!


The performance Menu from Catalyst Athletics is an indispensable source for the functional fitness/strength enthusiast. This online magazine is perfect for the ipad user or someone concerned about their environmental footprint.

Experience Life Magazine is available is both digital and hard copy versions. This magazine marches to the beat of a different drummer. If you have someone on your list who wants to keep up with REAL exercise, nutrition and life interests this is the magazine for them.

Functional Fitness

You may recognize this item from last years list. There’s a reason. This is the best sandbag on the market. I carry it in my car when I travel and use it extensivly at home and with my combatives students. If you know someone who travels or works out at home, this is the ultimate sandbag.

The Pegboard. We had one in the wrestling room in high school. Have a crossfit box owner or home crossfitter on your list. This is sure to be something that they don’t have and will thanks you for, just not while they are doing it. You can find them at or if your are handy, build one.

Looking to give an experience? Check out for a list of workshops. I’ve attended one and highly recommend the experience.


“We Are All Competitors” Shirt from Compete Every Day. Be sure to check out their other top notch apparel as well!

It was hard to pick one tshirt from Nom Nom Paleo. This is only one of her witty designs. Check them out at

Beastmodal Domains is not only a great blog but they put out some great shirts. Above: Here’s one for the female athlete on your list. Below: Even though Reebok Crossfit Corporate has gone designer on their apparel you can still get one of the old standards at

There are lots of great gifts out there. These are only a few. You may also consider a crossfit gift certificate, nutrition workshop or massage. Happy shopping and happy holidays!


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