Some Thoughts On Training

“I don’t need fancy, expensive training clothes. I’m not at the gym to win best dressed. I do appreciate a good crossfit t shirt though.”

“The only person I have to prove something to is myself.”

“We must rest to get better. It takes balls to rest.”

“I’m capable of much more than I ever imagined. The human body is an amazing machine.”

“Clean up after yourself. This is good practice outside the gym as well.”

“I like loud agressive music when I train.”

“Vary your training but keep your eyes on your goals. If you want to get better at something you must practice it.”

“There is always someone better than me. I should learn from them.”

“There is always someone worse than me at something. I should help them if I can.”

“Be opportunistic. There are many great methods out there. Take advantage of what you have access to and learn from it. Bring it into your training.”

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