Real Men

I saw a post on twitter a last week asking “What ever happened to real men?” It got me to thinking and although it may be a little off my normal topics, I realized that I had some things to say. First of all, real men still exist. Just visit a local crossfit or to see evidence. 

I think it’s clear that the skinny jean wearing crowd are generally not considered real men. So I’ll skip that group.  There is a group that “THINKS” that they are real men but I beg to differ. 

Here is the profile – May be fat, lazy and/or  lacking skills. Often a poor dresser. Lack game.  They often like to poke fun at real men things because they cannot or are to lazy to do them. No doubt you’ve met some of these guys.

Real Men

1. Barring any physical disability they should be able to get off of the sofa with out the aid of their hands. 

2. Have seen their penis in the last year.

3. Can build stuff.

4. Can survive in the wild.

5. Can defend themselves.

6. Are well read.

7. Can cook ( you don’t have to be a gourmet).

8. Have the respect of their peers.

9. Are honorable.

10. Keep their body and mind in good functional shape. 

11. Treats others with respect, even if they can be of no possible use to them.

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