Food Porn Friday

This week I had dinner at Feast in Houston, TX. It’s a farm to table restaurant that does it right. Enjoy!

Duck Liver

Pork Heart Tartare

Crisp Pork Belly Over Potato Cake (flourless) with Pickled Red Cabbage & Apples

Food Porn Friday

Local farm eggs, venison sausage with cuvee espresso at Down House in Houston Tx (corn tortilla … Sshhhh)



How Are You Doing On Your New Year’s Resolutions?

So January is half way over. I did some research and found that only 75% of people make it past the first week on their New Year’s resolutions. 46% make it past 6 months. How are you doing on your goals? Are you on track? Great!

Have you slipped? Decided that you’ll start again when the next month starts or after a certain event? Then it’s time for some tough love my friend. That’s called procrastination. You can justify it in you mind any way you want. The bottom line is that until you start and stick with your goals you’re not getting closer to them. Life happens and there is never a optimal time to make life changes. It’s not always easy, that’s why they call it “putting the work in”. Just do it. Picture your goals and recommit yourself. Start today not tomorrow. You’ll be happier down the road if you do.

Food Porn Friday

Lamb Chops / Jar of homemade Kraut.


WELL FED – A Review

A few weeks ago, WELL FED by Melissa Joulwan was released just in time to put under the tree. There has been no shortage of paleo books and cookbooks this year.  Why should you buy this one?

1. This cookbook has no “paleo cheats”. WELL FED is full of what you should be eating to optimize yonr health (Perfect for those New Year’s Resolutions). 

2. Melissa has included a variety of  flavors including Greek, Indian, Thai, Moroccan and French.  For the novice cook she has made interchanging flavors to add variety to dishes easy. For the experienced cook you will appreciate the use of seasonings and find endless options.

3.  The food in this book is damn good!

4.  It’s well written, well organized and interesting .

I bought this as a present for my wife and it has really excited her about paleo cooking again. She made the paleo pad Thai and it was amazing! I rarely follow recipes in cookbooks but rather use them for inspiration. The recipes in WELL FED are so good that we will cook our way through the book as well as find inspiration for new dishes.  Melissa, my hat’s off to you. WELL FED is the best paleo cookbook that I’ve encountered. 

Reaching Your Goals

Many of you have resolved to do great things in 2012. I applaud you for striving to work harder to make yourself and your life better. In addition to working harder, I believe in working smarter. When it comes to goals, keep the old S.M.A.R.T. formula in mind. Make sure that your goals are:






Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.

By writing down goals and making a specific plan to get there, you are now far ahead of most who make general New Year’s resolutions. Now work your plan and make it happen.

The X Factor

Most people have something holding them back from reaching their potential. It’s fear. The flinch. Julien Smith has put together an excellent downloadable short book entitiled The Flinch. Best of all it’s free! You have no excuse here. Download it today! It’s a game changer.

The Flinch by Julien Smith