For The Love Of The Games

As all of you crossfitters out there know, it’s games time once again. The open began last week and athletes from all over the planet are competing for different reasons. Some have a burning desire to make it to regionals. Some are competing against others at their box. Still others like myself use it as a personal challenge. 

The “sport of fitness” gets mixed feelings from people. I’m a prebok guy. I was drawn to crossfit because it was the anti- gym. I don’t care for all of the commercials and commercialism. I don’t look at it as a sport but as a functional fitness culture. There are people who are in it for the sport, much like they would be for triathlons or soccer. Many of them feel that the more corporate it gets, the better for the sport. To each their own. I will say that for all of the critisism that crossfit gets from the outside as well as from the inside, nothing has done more to bring back functional fitness. Even if you don’t like the “sport of crossfit” you should check out the games.  Go to regionals and see the talent and heart that are competing out there and you’ll become an instant fan.

Wake Up Call

Let me say that last year I did not register, as the games simply are not why I got into crossfit. I did complete every open WOD. I attended regionals as a spectator and cheered on several friends and really enjoyed it from that perspective.  This year I decided to register, not because I want to compete but because I wanted to challenge myself. I needed a swift kick in the ass to get back in gear. Recently, I took on a new position and for the past two months I’ve been traveling, getting little sleep and averaging only one day per week in a gym(many of you have noticed my lack of posts). I pretty much have ignored all of the advice that I preach on this site. Yeasterday, we did the open WOD 12.1 at Crossfit Lafayette. I scored a dismal 64. The worst score by far at our box. It was a serious wakeup call. Not practicing what I preach for the past two months has taken it’s toll.  It’s time to get back to where I was. So for me the open offers a very public and personal challenge. It’s me vs. me.

What’s your interest in the games? Are you competing to be the fittest on the planet? Trying to reach some personal goals. Are you simply a curious spectator? What will the games do for you?

Food Porn Friday

Food Porn courtesy of Matthew Lesko of CQC Unlimited!