The other day I began to ask myself this question. I’ve been doing 2-a-days and really pushing myself to get better. The question is, what is it I’m trying to get better for? I’m approaching 40 and am not competing in any crossfit events. The truth is, I have nothing on the horizon to train for other than life. I recently trained for and completed The GORUCK Challenge and now feel that I can do any adventure race at a moments notice and even drink while doing it. Why am I training? Hell, I enjoy it for one. There are many other reasons including health, camaraderie and challenge.

 I took a hard look at my training and realized that I’m now doing it for health and longevity. Is blitzing my body with 2-a-days the way  to health and longevity? Hell no. In reality, I should be doing 3-4 metcons a week mixed in with a heavy day, yoga, walking and sprints. It’s enough to keep the competitive side of me happy and the perfect combination to keep me in good functional shape.

It’s easy to get caught up in crossfit type training and lose sight of why you are doing it. Hell, it’s fun right? I know many that have specific reasons as they compete in crossfit events, high school sports, MMA and other athletic endeavours. Some come in to lose weight and of course there seems to be a new wave of women doing it now to meet men (You know who you are, sporting Victoria Secret t-shirts and wearing all your jewelry to WOD). Yet others simply started it and are addicted.

What are YOU training for? Just trying to look better naked or perhaps you want to make it to the Crossfit Games next year? Train accordingly. Remember, if you are training for something skill specific such as tennis or MMA, make sure that you spend lots of time training those skills. There is no substitute for that. Look at your age, workload and ask yourself if what you are doing is sustainable over the long haul. If it isn’t, are you training for something? Do you have a set training period for the upcoming event? Do you have a set active recovery period after? Are you allowing enough time to train the specific skills that you will need to be successful in the event?

Each person is different. Your goals may not be mine. Know what your goals are and train properly to reach them.

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