On Coffee

Coffee is often an issue when going paleo. Many people can only drink coffee with sweetener, cream or both. Let’s consider that if you are having to cover up the taste of coffee, you may not really like it but need it for that morning pick me up. My optimal advice is to drink coffee black. The taste of sweet creates an insulin response, although smaller than from actual sugar. I know that right now you’re saying “Come on, I can’t give up everything!”, so here are my approved additives IF YOU MUST.

– Coconut milk can be used as creamer. Stay away from processed coconut milk creamers. Stick with the real thing. Ingredients should read – Coconut Milk!

– Coconut Crystals, Local Wild Honey or Stevia Leaves for sweetening. If using stevia, buy the good stuff. Like coffee there are different grades and the taste is varies. If you are using sweetener, add cinnamon to your coffee (It’s a blood thinner so don’t go nuts! A sprinkle will do.), it blunts the insulin response from the sweetener.

*A final note – If you are drinking more than two cups of coffee per day or cannot function at all with out it, then you need to get off it for a month. Your adrenals are stressed (Think Cortisol) and need to heal. You can add it back in after a month but stick with one cup.