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Prosciutto Wrapped Mini Fritatta Muffins From NOM NOM PALEO

Some Sunday yumminess from Nom Nom Paleo. If you have not yet visited this site, it’s like not having eaten at the hottest new restaurant in town! Now go, click on the link and check out this and other great recipes, ideas and general paleo deliciousness at

Coming Next Week! Unf#@! Your Diet Tees!

Made on blended black heather in both men’s and women’s by the folks at Fight Through. These shirts feature The Common Sense Warrior logo on front and an unruly declaration about the standard “industrialized diet” on the back. Perfect for the paleo enthusiast!

Best of Luck at The Games Aja!

Aja Barto - Games Competitor

Tips On Staying Paleo While Traveling From Jaimie, A Girl Who Knows.

Jaimie of Body By CrossFit & Paleo

Jaimie is the author of the blog – Body By CrossFit & Paleo.

She Crossfits, She Travels, She Eats Paleo, She Tweets.

I remember a few months back, I was standing in the Crossfit Invictus office, ready to get ‘pinched’ by Coach George, my nutritionalist. He was asking what my upcoming week looked like, in terms of meal planning, and I was telling him that I was going to be on the road for work.  However, never to fear, I actually tend to lose weight while on travel.  The owner, CJ Martin, aka Master Yoda of Programming, was sitting in the office as well and gave a laugh.  “That’s definitely the first time I’ve ever heard THAT statement.” I had to explain to him that I am indeed the exception to this rule.  

I’m on the road quite a bit for work; I’m a software consultant for a company that sells Cisco products.  I can be on the road for weeks at a time, or working remotely from my home in San Diego weeks at a time. It changes quite frequently. I’ve had this job for 4 years and have been eating paleo/primal for over a year now, so I’ve had a lot of practice at this. 

It can be hard enough living a paleo/primal life on a normal, every day basis as it is, with temptations of sugary or carb loaded foods thrown in our faces at all hours of the day. Add in sporadic travel with random obstacles (delays, long meetings, etc) and you would think it to be damn near impossible to stay on the straight and narrow path of paleo/primalism.  Thanks to lots of practice, I have learned the following tips that have ensured that I am able to stay 100% of whatever I want type of diet while on travel.

Just a quick disclaimer; I can’t guarantee these tips for personal travel.  Personally, if I’m on a trip for pleasure versus a trip for business, I worry A LOT less about my diet.  It’s vacation!  How often do you get to take them?!  Live alittle!  But…I’m sure if you really wanted to, you could still follow my tips on personal travel.  All it takes is prepartion!  (Which you should be well use to on this diet)

Tip #1: Airport Dining.  I have been to tons of airports all over this country; north south east and west.  I can tell you that basically none of the places have any paleo selection.  The closest you can get is a salad just containing lettuce and maybe some carrots/tomatoes or a (probably half fake) chicken breast, plain w/ mustard no bun, from a fast food place. *gag*   Right now, I am currently flying into Dallas on Monday mornings and flying home to San Diego on Friday afternoons.  On Sunday nights, I usually cook a big-ish dinner of meat (like pork loin) and roasted veggies.  I eat a third for Sunday’s dinner, and pack the other portions into two small tupperwear containers.  Airport security does not care about your food, as long as it’s not a liquid like soup, so they ignore it in my bags.  I’ll eat one portion as breakfast while waiting to board my flight, and then I’ll eat the other half when I land as lunch.  Problem solved.  I’ll also do something similar on Friday; I’ll order a double lunch or save a piece of chicken from the night before, pack it up and bring it with me for dinner when I’m leaving on Friday night. Gladware tupperware is really inexpensive so you can easily throw it away when you are done if you don’t want to fly around with empty tupperware in your bag.

Tip #2: Hotel Dining.  Tip #1 was definitely something you could do no matter what type of travel (biz or pleasure) but Tip #2 could depend on your budget. Currently in Dallas, I am staying at a Residence Inn (Marriott), which means my room is equiped with basically a full kitchen. My job will of course reimburse me for all travel expenses so I don’t worry much about room cost, but I do believe these types of rooms are generally not that much more expensive than normal hotel rooms; the one in Dallas that I’m staying at is $139/night.  If you are traveling on a budget, this tip might not help you as much but if you can, try to get rooms with as much kitchen equipment as you can.  Mini Refrigerators, Microwaves, Stoves, whatever you can get. 

Tip #3: Local Dining.  I usually land in Dallas around lunch time, go to work for the afternoon and then afterwards, I hit up two places; My Fit Meals and a grocery store.  My Fit Meals is located in four Texas locations and offers a variety of fresh ready to eat meals, including all nutritional and ingredience information.  And they are very inexpensive for what you get.  They have a whole low carb section that is paleo approved, so on Mondays I like to stock up on these individual meals to stash in my frig back at the hotel. They are perfect for me to bring to work as well for lunch.  Of course, My Fit Meals only works if you are in TX; there is also a Snap Kitchen in Austin. If you check out various google/yahoo search combinations of ‘healthy to go meals’ or ‘home delivery meals’, lots of search results come up so just check for the area in which you are traveling to.

If you can’t do that, then move on to grocery stores.  I like to stop at a grocery store on Mondays to stock up on unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk for my teas/coffees/Progenex shakes throughout the week, plus healthy snacks like finger food veggies, almonds, etc.  If you do have a frig and microwave, you can buy whole chickens already roasted and eat that for a few days.  It all boils down to being creative and being prepared.

Tip #4: Restaurant Dining.  On this particular Dallas project, me and my coworkers are all eating alone versus making it a group outing every single night.  On the plus side, I don’t have to get up super early to work out since my nights are now free to do as I please.  But usually, my team likes to have dinner together after work.  Again, this all depends on your budget, but I have always found that eating out at restaurants to be super easy on this diet.  Probably the easiest thing ever.  I never understand how people had issues with this.  As I’ve said a bazillion times in this blog; preparation (research) and creativity.  That’s all you need.  At most places, you can order simple meat and veggies; it can be any meat and any veggie, as long as the veggies are not fried and breaded and the meat isn’t smothered in carb loaded sauces. If there is the potential that you may be going to some place with limited paleo options, research beforehand what you might get in that situation.  One of my coworkers adores Thai; I thought that when I turned paleo, I would have to give it up.  I did some research and saw that if I go to a real thai place, I can get soup made from coconut milk with no added sugar, certain salads and certain meats.  I think the worst that I’ve ever had to make due with is tuna salad from a pizza place.  (Their mayo was obviously not paleo)

or jaimieh_1018 at yahoo dot com. – JaimieI’m always looking for new tips from other paleo frequent travelers so feel free to hit me up with any new ideas I didn’t cover in this blog.  – Jaimie

Paleo Challenge Contest – Win A Shirt From Fight Through!

Hard Core Carnivore Shirt from Fight Through

For this weeks contest the folks over at Fight Through have put up a “Hard Core Carnivore” t shirt!

What do you have to do to win?

1. Write a paragraph or two about your paleo challenge. I want to hear about your progress.
2. Email it to me at, Subject line – Contest 2.

You’ll be entered to win a random drawing for the shirt. The winner’s story will be published on here next week. It’s that simple! I look forward to hearing your stories.



Congratulations To Last Weeks Contest Winner – Theresa of Lafayette, LA

Winner of Paleo Basket!

On Coffee

Coffee is often an issue when going paleo. Many people can only drink coffee with sweetener, cream or both. Let’s consider that if you are having to cover up the taste of coffee, you may not really like it but need it for that morning pick me up. My optimal advice is to drink coffee black. The taste of sweet creates an insulin response, although smaller than from actual sugar. I know that right now you’re saying “Come on, I can’t give up everything!”, so here are my approved additives IF YOU MUST.

– Coconut milk can be used as creamer. Stay away from processed coconut milk creamers. Stick with the real thing. Ingredients should read – Coconut Milk!

– Coconut Crystals, Local Wild Honey or Stevia Leaves for sweetening. If using stevia, buy the good stuff. Like coffee there are different grades and the taste is varies. If you are using sweetener, add cinnamon to your coffee (It’s a blood thinner so don’t go nuts! A sprinkle will do.), it blunts the insulin response from the sweetener.

*A final note – If you are drinking more than two cups of coffee per day or cannot function at all with out it, then you need to get off it for a month. Your adrenals are stressed (Think Cortisol) and need to heal. You can add it back in after a month but stick with one cup.


The Grilled Salad

I hope that your paleo journey is going well. Here’s another easy meal idea. A “Grilled Salad” is fast and simple. Grill or sautee your protein -shrimp, chicken, steak, salmon, crawfish, oysters….use your imagination along with your veggies – zucchini, squash, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, green onions, bell peppers…again only limited by your imagination along with your favorite spices, let cool and toss with mixed greens, lettuce or spinach and and a an olive oil/citrus dressing or a flavored mayo….”Wait! Homemade Mayo? That sounds hard!”…It’s not! Check out the how to video below from Sarah Fragoso of and you’ve got a great meal. This is a great place for some bacon and avocado as well!

Monday Meal Idea

Beef Short Ribs (so tender they fell off the bone) Rubbed with Cocoa and Cinnamon with Tomatoes and Cilantro

It’s Monday, Time to go back to work and responsibilities. There always seems to be a bit of stress on Mondays so make dinner easy with a crock pot meal. Add meat, seasonings, veggies and some liquid and dinner will be ready when you get home!






7/18/2011 – 8/18/2011

Each day we will share ideas and recipes, tackle issues & answer questions. There will also be weekly prizes! Join us!

Food List – Below is a sample of paleo approved items that you can cook with. Get to the store today and prepared for the coming week. Clean the garbage out of your kitchen. Things like flour, potato chips, peanuts, peanut butter, cookies and other processed garbage that doesn’t qualify as real food. You won’t be needing it anymore.

Remember –

Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.” – Greg Glassman

Meats/Proteins ( Wild, Wild Caught, Grass Finished, Grass Fed, Pastured or the Leanest Cuts Available)-

Beef, Bison, Chicken, Pork, Wild Game, Wild Caught Fish, Crab, Crawfish, Shrimp & Eggs

Vegetables – Kale, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Squash, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers, Turnips, Sweet Potatoes, Yams and Avocado (Technically a fruit).

Fruits – Apples, Oranges, Blackberries, Blueberries, Rasberries, Strawberries, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi & Peaches.

Nuts/Seeds  (Raw if can toast them yourself if needed!) – Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts & Sunflower Seeds.

Cooking Mediums – Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Clarified Grass Fed Buter (Kerrygold), Stocks & Clean Animal Fats.

Spices and Seasonings – Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Black and Red Peppers, Tony Chacheres, Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Mint, Parsley, Garlic, Tabasco (Pay attention to what’s in your hot sauce. Ingredients should be peppers, vinegar and salt), Apple Cider Vinegar.

Snacks – Local Beef Jerky, Tanka Bars (obviously, nuts and fruit).

Recipe Sites –

Aja Barto Prepares For The Games

The first time I ever laid eyes on Aja Barto, he was doing box jumps on what appeared to be a stack as high as my head. I had strolled into Crossfit West Houston to work out while in town on business. It soon became my box away from home and I’ve been fortunate enough train under and get to know him a little. He played college baseball at Tulane as well as for the Texas Rangers organization. He never seems to forget a name, is intelligent and well known for being a good sport – Staying out in the 108 degree heat after finishing brutal WOD’s to cheer on his competitors AND oh yeah, by the way, he’s one hell of an athlete!

Aja recently took first place at the Crossfit South Central Regionals and is games bound. I caught up with him to see what he’s doing to prepare for the competition to be the fittest man on the planet –

Aja Barto at South Central Regionals

Q. Mentally how are you preparing for the games?

 Aja – “I’m really just staying within myself and keeping the same mindset that I’ve always had. Its easy to get outside of yourself and get overwhelmed with the “names” of the guys that will be at the games, but you’ve just got to understand that there’s a reason your going to the games to compete with them, that you are one of the elite and you deserve to be there. I also think with this comes acknolwedgement that this is the ultimate test of fitness so you must psychologically accept that there will be volume and odd tests of capacity. I think this carries over to the training aspect in which you just put yourself in dark places to mentally get comfortable in these uncomfortable settings because at the games these situations are almost inevitable.”

Q.  Have you changed your training? If so how?

Aja- “Not really, I took some time down after regionals to let my body rest a bit before I hit it hard again. But I’m still really doing the same routine as I was pre-regionals. Although I must say I have been incorporating a lot of odd movements and skilled exercises that have the potential to come about in Carson.”

Q.  Any special nutrition regiment?

Aja -“No sir. Just eat as clean and as many clean calories as possible. Lots of flesh and fat will do a body good.” 

Q.  What advice would you give someone who has ambitions to compete in The Games?

Aja – “Train hard, smart and relentlessly. Believe in yourself and believe in your training and don’t ever stop pushing yourself. Strength and speed are synonymous and take into account that we don’t get better through training but rather through resting. When it’s time, Mata el cuerpo (punish the body) and it will reward you in the end.”

Q. Whats one thing everyone should know about you?

Aja -“I’m a big ass Asian just looking to inflict as much pain on my body as possible through slam balls and ring rows.”

Best of luck in California Aja. We look for big things from you!